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C-2441 Environmental Test Chambers

ASTM C31, C109, C192, C511;
AASHTO M201, T23, T106, T126, TP14

These advanced chambers have a temperature range of 5 to 60C with a 0.1C control and 0.3 control. Relative humidity is controlled from 20 to 98% RH 2% with 1% resolution. Chambers utilize HFC refrigerant and are designed to meet NEC, UL and CSA standards for safety and performance. Standard control features:

  • Temperature with humidification for precise repeatable conditions.
  • Microprocessor PID controllers with autotune
  • Audible and visual temperature alarms
  • Non-volatile memory allows chamber to return to original set point if power fails.
  • Temperature and humidity controllers show two separate digital displays while operating: one for process and one for set point.

Cabinets are stainless interior with 1 - 2" access port, 2 fresh air vents, horizontal air flow, redundant high temperature safeties.

Two different size chambers are offered. C-2441 has a lockable interior glass door; C-2446 has a triple pane glass door.

Cat. No. Work Vol. Size Amps shelves sh. wt.
inside overall
C-2441 10 cu. ft. 23x26x30"    44x35x38" 16 4 400 lb
C-2446 30 cu. ft. 30x28x63" 36x39x90" 25 5 750 lb

115VAC is standard; for 230 VAC add "-3" to cat. no.

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