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C-2405 Econ-O-Cure Curing Box

Field Curing System for 6x12 test cylinders

The Econ-O-Cure is a low cost, light weight and dependable system for field curing of up to 8 test cylinders 6x12". It includes a 0.5" cooler foam and advanced polymers and vinyl construction, readily disassembles and is easily folded when not in use. Bottom can also be used as a slump base. Wt. 15 lb.

C-2410 Concrete Curing Box
ASTM C31, C192, C511; AASHTO M201, T23, T126

Designed to cure up to 22 6x12" test cylinders for 48 hours by maintaining preset 73F (22.2C) temperature control at 2.2F (1C), this high strength plastic box weighs 74 lb (33.5kg). A steel bottom rack (14 gauge) provides optimum water circulation. Cover is fully gasketed and can be locked to prevent tampering. A 15 amp circuit is required. Temperature controller is adjustable and a dial thermometer indicates temperature. 115VAC is standard; for 230VAC, add "-3" to cat. no.
Shipping Weight: 77 lb (35kg); 20 cu. ft.

C-2415 Deluxe Concrete Curing Box

This box is identical to C-2410 but includes cooling for use in conditions where temperature could exceed 73F . Other deluxe features include digital display of water temperature in F and C, temperature set buttons and indicator lights to show when heating or cooling occurs. 115 VAC is standard; for 230VAC, add "-3" to catalog number.
Shipping Weight: 163 lb (74kg); 24 cu. ft.

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