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C-1850 Cover Meter, Rebar Locator

The C-1850 cover meter, rebar locator is used to detect the thickness of concrete covering layer and rebar diameter. It also has the function of detecting the location of magnetic substance and electric conductor in non-magnetic and non-conductive medium. This non-destructive test equipment is a kind of intelligent apparatus possessing the functions of automatic detection, data memory and output.


  • Measuring the thickness of concrete over steel reinforcement and metal pipes
  • Detect the rebar location and diameter
  • Large graphic display and backlight
  • Signal strength bar display and sound alarm for accuracy reading
  • Depth of covering layer reach up to 180mm
  • Real time graphic output both to screen and printer
  • Data processing software compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/Me/WT/XP
  • Auto calibration, correct the system error
  • Three scan mode: grid scan, profile scan and large area scan


Covering layer thickness measuring range Range I: 6mm-90mm
Range II: 7mm-180mm
Rebar diameter measuring range ∅6mm-∅50mm
Tolerance of covering layer thickness Range I Range II
1mm 6mm-59mm 7mm-79mm
2mm 60mm-69mm 80mm-119mm
4mm 70mm-90mm 120mm-180mm
Operating temperature 14-104F
Relative humidity <90%

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