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C-1840 Digital Cover Meter

Cover Meters

30 years of field testing experience resulted in the development of these 2 user friendly and highly accurate digital cover meters. C-1840 is designed for extreme ease of operation and C-1845 Logging Cover Meter has the additional capabilities of measuring half-cell potential measurements and logging up to 30,000 measurements.


C-1840 Digital Cover Meter

The easy to use rugged instrument measures the depth of cover to steel reinforcement in concrete, bar detection and sizing and other useful functions for use in reinforced concrete condition surveys and check measurements. Values are displayed in large black characters with LCD screen prompts to guide the user through the functions.

Detection range is 6" (150mm). Measuring range is 4.75" (120mm). Detection is indicated by audible signal change and confirmed by a displayed change in signal strength. A mini search head is available for location of bars at close centers.


C-1840.1   Mini Search Head


C-1845 Logging Cover Meter and Half-Cell Potential

This unique cover meter has the additional capability to measure half-cell potential measurements as well as cover. Both values are essential for condition surveys of reinforced concrete structures. For large scale and detailed investigations, other cover functions are incorporated in the program. That allows a comprehensive range of characteristics and logging of up to 30,000 measurements.

A few of the important features are shown below:

  • Logged data date and time stamped with results downloadable to a PC or printer
  • Switchable load audible signal and headphone socket; automatic sizing of single bar
  • Settable "low cover" audible alarm for rapid scanning
  • A standard head measures and detects up to 6" (150mm)
  • Two option heads are audible: One does deep scanning to over 10" (250mm) and detects to 12" (300mm) subject to bar size; the other mini head locates bars at close centers.


C-1845.1    Deep Seeking Sensing Head
C-1845.2 Mini Search Head
C-1846 Logging Cover Meter without Half Cell


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