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C-1003A Universal Testing Machine automatic control

300kN (67,000 lb) tensile capacity, hydraulic grips, ASTM D76

Universal testing machines are suitable for virtually any tensile application and specifically high strength rebar used in reinforced concrete and geosynthetics as they conform to ASTM D76. Geotest universal testing machines are offered in many capacities. Special grips are available for any tensile application. The load console is built from pre-stressed, chrome plated steel. In tensile testing the specimen is hydraulically gripped between the top of the chasis and the upper cross-head. The upper cross-head adjusts up/down with a separate motor and an electronic distance meter until specimen failure. Compression testing is done between the lower cross-arm which moves upward with hydraulic power against the stationary top of the chasis.

  • Stress controlled kN or lb/min
  • Strain controlled mm or inch/min
  • Full PC or manual control
  • Hydraulic grips
  • Compression and tensile loads through electronic control panel and/or PC
  • Printer port with graph and result print-out and batch certificate print-out
  • Accepts load cells, grips amd extensometers
  • Conforms to ASTM D76
  • Ram stroke is 200mm
  • 22" horizontal load frame clearance
  • 60" vertical specimen clearance

One set of hydraulic grips are included. Lower compression platen is 8" diameter. Upper swivel assembly is included for compression testing. The system will accept additional load cells, hydraulic grips, extensometers and transducers.

Software System:

  • – PC control of tension and compression tests
  • – PC and printer included
  • – Capable of both manual and automatic (closed loop) operation
  • – Plots and prints stress vs strain curves to the nearest lb and nearest 0.0001"
  • – Detects sample breaks
  • – Peak values automatically displayed
  • – Quick return to original position
  • – Real time display of speed in inches per minute
  • – Displays load in lb/force and strains in inches
  • – Customized format to user requirement
  • – Ability to recall, replot and rescale curves
  • – Calculate results from a stored curve

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Photo of standard model. Special characteristics may change appearance.

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C-1003A Universal Testing Machine automatic control

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