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Geotest Instrument Company has been around for the last 25 years, helping to better the geotechnical community. Items that have been added since it's beginning are asphalt, cement, concrete, etc. Customers can contact Geotest directly or through any dealer in the USA, Mexico, Canada, and offshore. Geotest specializes in international sales witha strong network of agents in most countries.

Meet the Personnel

Jay M. Woldenberg, President

Steve Martin, calibrator and assistant head of production

Art Patten, VP in charge of manufacturing operations with over 30 years of experience

Mary Sylvia, manager of office operations and assistant to the president

Steven Sebestyen, research engineer, developer of most of the unique systems; Michael Granovsky, Ph.D., senior research engineer

Susan Raetz, special assistant in charge of catalog preparation and Lisa Crabbe, art director



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