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We offer a large variety of coating thickness gages. To recommend the right model, it is only necessary to find out what coating is being measured, approximate thickness and on what substrait (surface) it is applied. Descriptions of items in this section are brief. More details can be quickly FAXED. All Geotest gages are manufactured in the USA, include batteries (except mechanical gages), instructions, leather pouch, cables, readings in mils/microns (except some mechanical gages) and certificate of accuracy.


Digital Metal Thickness Gages

These gages are compact, digital and do not require calibration. Most are available as either integral probe or separate probe models. They measure coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals including graphite, quickly and accurately.

Separate probe models can add any other probe making all probes and gages completely interchangeable. 24 separate models are available. They are divided into 3 general categories as follows:

1. Non-magnetic on ferrous metals with examples being paint, plating or galvanizing on steel and the thicker coatings of thick epoxy or rubber on steel.
2. Non-conductive on non-ferrous metals such as paint or epoxy on aluminum, copper, etc. and anodizing or thin paint on aluminum.
3. Combination gages for all metal substrates.

Some models have averaging capabilities; others can interface with a PC. A complete listing of these gages showing all available models and prices will be FAXED upon request.

We also have available a portable dot matrix printer, coating thickness standards and wet film gages.

Items in the category: thickness gages

  Concrete and Non-metalic Coating Thickness Gages

  Mechanical Thickness Gages for Steel Coatings



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