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Items in the category: non-destructive

  Concrete Test Hammer

  Lightweight Test Hammer

  Calibration Anvil

  Digital Concrete Test Hammer

  Windsor Pin System

  Rebar Locater (Metal Detector)

  Portable AC/DC Oscilloscope

  Concrete Corrosion Mapping System

  Crack Width Gauge Monitors

  Thermocouple Wire

  Permeability Tester

  Rapid Chloride Test Set

  Rapid Alkali Test Set


  PI Tape, concrete


  Multi-Position Strain Gauge Sets

  Digital Half-Cell Kit

  Digital Resistivity Meter Kit

  MultiRole Data Logger (Lab in a Bag)

  Relative Loss of Section Meter

  Windsor Probe System

  Digital Cover Meter

  Logging Cover Meter and Half-Cell Potential

  Pro Model Ultrasonic Tester

  Crack Width Automatic Measuring Apparatus

  Large Crack Monitoring, Digital System

  Cover Meter, Rebar Locator

  Crack Width Gauge

  Crack Depth Gauge



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