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ASTM C39; AASHTO T22; BS 1610, BS1881; EN 12390/4, 12350/7; UNI 6686, 1, 2, 3; DIN 51220, 51302


1. Load Frame
2. Digital Readout and Control
3. Hydraulic Pump
4. Software


The Geotest standard load frame is offered in capacities of 34,000 lb (150kN); 300,000 lb (1233kN); 350,000 lb (1556kN); 450,000 lb (2000kN); 675,000 lb (3000kN) and 1,125,000 lb (5000kN). For testing to meet the stringent ACI 363 recommendations, we offer a 4 column high stability frame in capacities of 450,000 lb (2000kN); 675,000 lb (3000kN); and 1,125,000 lb (5000kN). Piston is ground and lapped with 3 element packing used. Every Geotest compression machine comes with full fragment guards.


The Cybertronic digital readout is the most advanced digital now being offered. This can be retrofitted to any make load frame.

  • 24 bit high resolution
  • Stores up to 600 complete tests
  • Large graphic display with high resolution 320x240 pixel
  • RS232 connection to printer and/or PC with optional software fully complient to ASTM, BS, UNI, EN standards
  • Can monitor up to 3 different load frames
  • 6 languages available
  • Selectable measuring ranges (lb, psi, kN, kg/cm2, ton, mpa, N/mm2
  • Pace (load) rate display selectable in lb/s, psi/s, kN/s, kg/cm2, kg/s, mpa/s, N/mm2/s
  • Easy calibration through PC keyboard
  • Peak hold lock in
  • Digital retains a memory of the frequently used specimens: i.e., area, weight, specific gravity, etc., but can add personalization for specimens with irregular shapes
  • Display shows date, time, applied load and pace rate

Items in the category: compression machines

  Digital Compression Tester,
350,000 lb (1556kN) Capacity

  Cybertronic Digital Readout

  Dual Frame Concrete Testing System 500,000 lb

  Hydraulic Pump


  Digital Compression Tester,
675,000 lb (3000kN) Capacity

  Compression Machine Accessories

  Compression Accessories

  Extensometer 2 (50mm)

  Compression Testers for Low Resistance Materials

  Flexure Tester 33,700 lb (150kN) Digital

  Automatic Servo Controlled Compression Testers

  Digital Hi Cap Compression,
1,125,000 lb (5000kN)

  Single Use Cylinder Molds-Plastic

  Single Use Cylinder Molds-Cardboard

  Reusable Cylinder Molds-Steel

  Reusable Cylinder Molds-Plastic

  Mold Stripper

  3-Gang 2x4 Mold

  Universal Tensile/Compression Machine

  Plotter for use with C-1298

  Digital Compression Tester,
300,000 lb (1233kN) Capacity

  Cylinder Wrap

  Digital Two Piston Low Capacity Compression/Flexure Tester

  Compression Machine Accessories including Software

  Mounting Stand


  Block Test Platen Set

  Universal Flexure Test Set

  Cube Test Apparatus

  Splitting Tensile Test Device

  Clay Block Flexure Device

  Flexure Device for Prisms, 40x40x160mm

  Concrete Compression Test Software

  Concrete Compression Machine, Digital

  High Stability Compression Testers

  Concrete Compression Machine, 700,000 lb (3114kN) capacity

  Concrete Compression Machine, 275,000 lb (1225kN), all automatic

  Concrete Compression Tester,
440,000 lb (2000kN) Capacity

  Concrete Compression Machine, 350,000 lb (1556kN), all automatic

  Concrete Compression Machine, 280,000 lb (1230kN), all automatic

  Universal Testing Machine automatic control



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