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These concrete/asphalt mixers are highly recommended for mixing concrete batches in concrete testing. They are frequently replacing conventional concrete mixers in the laboratory and for small field mixing. In asphalt testing, these concrete/asphalt mixers are good for preparing laboratory batches of asphalt and similar viscous materials. These concrete/asphalt mixers are a low cost and light weight alternative to the planetary type bench and floor mixers described in our general section. The rotating drum container is easy to remove and clean. Drums can be replaced with inexpensive standard 5 gallon pails. Drums rotate at 60 rpm.

A stationary mixing paddle provides both radial and axial action scraping side and bottom of drum for complete mixing. It removes for easy cleaning.

Motors are heavy duty 1/2 HP, 115VAC, for 230VAC add -3 to catalog number. They are designed for continuous use.

Items in the category: concrete/asphalt mixers

  Asphalt/Concrete Mobile Mixers with 8 wheels

  Asphalt/Concrete Stationary Mixer 5 gallon

  Asphalt/Concrete Mixer Accessories



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