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In addition to the Geosynthetic Testing Equipment listed below, we also have available on a special order basis the following testing apparatus. Designs of this equipment were developed by one of America’s leading geosynthetic laboratories:

Custom Geosynthetic Microtome per ASTM D5596
Transmissivity Apparatus
Permittivity Apparatus

Items in the category: geosynthetic

  Large Friction-Shear Machine

  Portable Tensiometer 500 lbf Capacity

  Gradient Ratio Clogging of Geotextiles

  Manometer Panel, wall mounted

  Manometer Panel, wall mounted

  CO2 Flowmeter Regulator

  Constant Head Tank

  Laboratory Tensiometer 1,000 lbf Capacity

  Notched Constant Tensile Load Stress Crack ResistanceApparatus

  Big Shear Data Acquisition Software System

  PC Controlled Direct-Residual and Friction Shear Machine

  High Capacity Shear Box FS

  Bladder Loader

  Test Coupon Cutter



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