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Data Acquisition Systems

Most soil testing systems in this catalog include automatic data acquisition or have the capability of having this feature added later. Unlike most other systems that we see now being offered, our systems are very simple and straight forward, easy to implement and can save thousands of dollars.

Dr. Richard Claxton, our software consultant, has developed a system based on digital technology and as modern as high definition TV. Competitive systems are based on technology developed many years ago using analog signals which are stored in independent data acquisition units for later use in a PC. The Geotest system will interface directly to a PC only occasionally needing a small connector box costing in the hundreds of dollars. This is contrasted with autonomous data acquisition systems costing $5,000.00 or more.

Here is how a Geotest automatic data acquisition system works with its unique features:


1. All data is displayed digitally on the actual test apparatus. Load or stress is measured with sensitive, precision load cells and shown digitally in engineering units on a digital readout; pressure is measured similarly using accurate transducers also displayed on a digital readout; strain is measured using electronic digital dial indicators (EDDIs) which mount in an identical manner to conventional dial indicators. Thus the EDDI is easy to install; and it exhibits almost perfect linearity as compared to an LVDT which is linear only in the middle of its range. The EDDI also digitally displays the reading.

2. Digital displays and EDDIs have digital outputs which either go to a connector at the rear of a Geotest machine or go to a small interface box. From the connector on the machine or the box, a cable goes to a parallel port on the user’s PC. Data can be displayed in English or SI units. Peak values can be retained.

3. Our software program permits (encourages) the technician to input control parameters, specimen and project data. Stress-strain data may be displayed in graphic or digital form. Data is stored in ASCII files which can then be used to prepare engineering reports using Geosystems™ or other similar post processing software.


Briefly summarizing: All data is displayed digitally both at the test site and on the user’s PC. The low cost puts automatic data acquisition within budget constraints of even the smallest laboratory. Each system is configured to the specific test application.



Software report programs are offered throughout this catalog. For manual input, we offer GEOSYSTEMS™ programs developed by Mike Von Gunten and for automatic data entry and (in some cases) complete PC control, Geotest software.

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