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Items in the category: general

  Double Burner Hot Plate

  Laboratory Hot Plates

  Hand Level 2.5x magnification



  Data Sheets

  Sample Cans

  Mercury, 1 lb bottle

  Aluminum Pans

  Stainless Steel Rectangular Pans

  AASHTO Provisional Standards

  Surface Dial Thermometers

  Digital Pocket Thermometers

  Dial Thermometers 1.75 diam.

  Pocket Dial Thermometers 1 Face



  Laboratory Glass Thermometers

  Fractional Degree Thermometers

  Mercury Free Glass Thermometers

  Pocket Test Glass Thermometers

  Armored Pocket Thermometers

  Maximum/Minimum Thermometer

  Temperature/Humidity Logger

  Analog RH/Digital Temperature Meter

  Digital RH/Temperature Meter

  Printing Hygrometer/Thermometer

  Sling Psychrometer

  5 Channel Temperature Printer/Recorder

  Temperature Recorders

  Dual Probe Digital Thermometer

  Curing Room Temperature Recorders

  Temp-Humidity Recorders 32 to 120F


  Economy pH Meter Kit

  pH/mV/Temperature Meter Kit

  Economy Conductivity Meter Kit

  Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Meter

  Tr-Check pH Buffer Set

  Turbidity Meter Kit

  Laboratory Mixers

  Water Still

  Jaw Crusher 2x2 (50x50mm)

  All Purpose Pulverizer

  Light Meter

  Analog Sound Level Meter

  EMF/ELF Meter

  Radiation Meter

  pH Meter with RS232

  Combination Soil Test Kit

  Complete Combination Soil Test Kit

  Spring Wound Timer 60 minute by 1 minute

  Time Switch 60 minute by 1 minute

  Double Time Switch 60 minute by 1 minute

  Remind-O-Timer Timeswitch and Timer

  Big Digit Dual Timer/Clock

  Triple Timer and Clock/Stopwatch

  Outlet Controller NIST Traceable

  Pocket Timer/Stopwatch

  Thermo-Timer Alarm


  Traceable Digital Stopwatch

  Vernier Calipers

  Dial Calipers

  Digital Calipers

  Meter Sticks

  3 Meter Tape Measure (10 feet)

  Scales, Metal

  Scientific Calculator

  Auto-Desiccator Cabinet

  Stainless Steel Desiccators

  Lab Alert

  Magnetic Write and Wipe Boards

  Glass and Plastic Beakers

  Dispenser Bottles (plastic)

  Specific Gravity Bottles (Pycnometers)

  Guth Wash Bottle 1,000ml

  Plastic Wash Bottles

  Bunsen Burner

  Meker Burner

  Lab Cart

  Graduated Cylinders


  Plastic Funnels



  Steel Support Stand

  Utility Tongs

  Beaker Tongs

  Universal AC/DC Adapters (Transformer)



  Vacuum Aspirator Pumps

  Constant Temperature Water Baths

  Immersion Circulator Heater

  Stainless Steel Tanks for Heater/Circulator

  Heating Recirculator

  Refrigerated Circulators

  Heat Resistant Gloves, per pair

  Rubber Gloves, per pair

  Neoprene Gloves, per pair


  Safety Goggles

  Full Face Shields

  Disposable Dust Masks

  Hard Hat

  Lab Coats

  Digital Concrete Caliper 24(610mm) long

  Noise Protector

  AASHTO Specifications and Tests

  ASTM Standards

  Books and Manuals

  Beaker, Jar, and Cylinder Brush

  Counter Brush

  Sieve Brushes

  Wire Scratch Brush

  Palmyra Cleaning Brush

  Cement Mold Brush


  Rust Resistant Steel Pans

  Aggregate Handling Pans

  Stainless Steel Round Bowls and Pans

  Round, Metal Containers with Covers

  Galvanized Pans

  Ultrasonic Bath for 8 Sieves

  pH Paper, range 1-14 pH



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