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Atterberg Limits testing includes Liquid limit, Plastic Limit, Shrinkage Limit tests. Geotest carries soil testing equipment for all of the Atterberg limits tests.

The new ASTM designation covering liquid and plastic limits of soil is D4318 and all Atterberg limits testing equipment shown here conforms to that specification. Three different liquid limit devices are offered. Each includes the flat ASTM type tool.

The liquid limit machine consists of a brass cup suspended from a carriage designed to control its drop exactly 1cm on to a hard rubber base of specified rebound. The cup is attached to the carriage by a removable pin to allow easy removal of the cup. All parts except handle are machined from brass. Rubber feet isolate base from table top. Each machine includes an ASTM grooving tool. See liquid limit machines (E-150) for the models carried.

Note: See S2031, S2032 penetrometers which are also frequently used to determine liquid limits.

Items in the category: Atterberg Limits

  Liquid Limit Set with Counter

  Liquid Limit Test Machine, Hand Operated

  Atterberg Limit Testing Accessories

  Liquid Limit Test Set

  Shrinkage Limit Test Set

  Mercury Spill Collector

  Limits and Classifications Software Program

  Liquid Limit Test Set

  Mercury, 1 lb bottle

  Liquid Limit Test Machine, Motorized

  Liquid Limit Test Machine with counter

  Shrinkage Prong Plate

  Monel Shrinkage Dish

  Glass Cup

  Plastic Limit Roller

  Aluminum Moisture Boxes

  Evaporating Dishes

  Plastic Limit Test Set

  Cone Penetration Apparatus

  Penetrometer, Digital Semi-Automatic



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