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Two Geotest piston interfaces (P.I.) are used on S5426C. They protect the panel and environment from contamination, prevent air from entering de-aired water and are the most accurate measuring device now available. Using these devices eliminates need for cumbersome bladder type interfaces which are not nearly as convenient to use. The Geotest piston interface need not be disassembled to decontaminate. This can save a great deal of time as compared to the bladder interface which must be taken apart. The saturate comes in contact with only stainless steel and teflon.

Used as a volume change measuring device, the P.I. will monitor volume change to a precision of 0.01ml. Capacity is 100ml. Used with an electronic digital dial indicator having a 1" range and resolution of 0.0001", volume change is read to 0.01ml. Connecting the EDDI output to a PC using inexpensive Geotest software turns the Geotest P.I. into an automatic volume change measuring device. The P.I. can be filled or drained using the 2 outlets at the top with pressure and vacuum being applied at bottom.

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