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Items in the category: concrete

  Compression Machine Accessories

  Digital Compression Tester,
675,000 lb (3000kN) Capacity

  Digital Compression Tester,
350,000 lb (1556kN) Capacity

  Cybertronic Digital Readout

  Concrete Vibrator, gas operated

  Pocket Tachometer

  Dual Frame Concrete Testing System 500,000 lb


  Digital Concrete Field Scale

  Concrete and Non-metalic Coating Thickness Gages

  Hydraulic Pump

  Asphalt/Concrete Mobile Mixers with 8创 wheels

  Asphalt/Concrete Stationary Mixer 5 gallon

  Asphalt/Concrete Mixer Accessories

  High-Low Detectors (Rolling Straight Edge)

  Compression Testers for Low Resistance Materials

  Flexure Tester 33,700 lb (150kN) Digital

  Automatic Servo Controlled Compression Testers


  Digital Hi Cap Compression,
1,125,000 lb (5000kN)

  Single Use Cylinder Molds-Plastic

  Single Use Cylinder Molds-Cardboard

  Reusable Cylinder Molds-Steel

  Reusable Cylinder Molds-Plastic

  3-Gang 2x4创 Mold

  Mold Stripper

  Universal Tensile/Compression Machine

  Compression Accessories

  Extensometer 2创 (50mm)

  Plotter for use with C-1298

  High Stability Compression Testers

  Concrete Air Indicator

  Portable Beam Tester

  Concrete Air Indicator Kit


  Aluminum Roll-A-Meter


  Pressure Meter

  Air Meter Calibrator, plastic

  Air Meter Calibrator, machined brass

  Cylinder Carrier

  Capping Ladle

  Cylinder Cappers

  High Strength Capping Compound

  Capping Set for 6创 Cylinders


  Slump Cone Test

  Slump Sets

  Concrete Workability Meter (CWM)

  Kelly Ball Apparatus

  Concrete Test Hammer

  Lightweight Test Hammer

  Calibration Anvil

  Digital Concrete Test Hammer

  Windsor Pin System

  Rebar Locater (Metal Detector)

  Portable AC/DC Oscilloscope

  Concrete Compression Machine, 700,000 lb (3114kN) capacity

  Rapid Freeze-Thaw Apparatus

  Freeze-Thaw Specimen Molds

  Sonometer with Oscilloscope
Resonance Frequency Tester

  Digital Compression Tester,
300,000 lb (1233kN) Capacity

  Concrete Corrosion Mapping System

  Crack Width Gauge Monitors

  Thermocouple Wire

  Permeability Tester

  Rapid Chloride Test Set

  Rapid Alkali Test Set


  PI Tape, concrete


  Multi-Position Strain Gauge Sets

  Applied Voltage Test Cell

  Applied Voltage Measuring Cells

  Vacuum/Preparation Set

  Curing Tanks

  Curing Tank Circulator

  Curing Tank Heater

  Concrete Curing Box

  Deluxe Portable Curing Box

  Environmental Test Chambers

  Masonry Saw Accessories and Blades

  Econ-O-Cure Curing Box

  Hand Tow Concrete Mixer

  Vehicle Tow Concrete Mixer

  Vibrating Table 20x20创

  Concrete Vibrator

  Unit Weight Measures (Yield Buckets), steel

  Unit Weight Measures (Yield Buckets), aluminum

  Initial Set Penetrometer

  Acme Penetrometer

  Mortar Penetrometer

  Heavy Duty Masonry Saw

  Holding Attachments (for Masonry Saws)

  Portable Core Drilling Machine, hand held gasoline

  Portable Core Drilling Machine, gasoline

  Portable Core Drilling Machine, electric

  Core Drilling Accessories and Diamond Drill Bits

  Instant Moisture and Temperature Testers

  Concrete Moisture Encounter

  Moisture Encounter: Wood, Felt-Roofing, Dry Wall, Plaster, Brick


  Compact Moisture Meter for Wood

  Professional Wood Moisture Meter

  Probe Meter Accessories for C-3645 and C-3650

  Hand Penetrometer


  Digital Fault Meter

  Traveling Beam Accessories

  Traveling Beam Device

  Pavement Profilograph Mechanical Recording

  Pavement Profilograph Computerized

  Temperature Matched Curing System

  4-Cell Concrete Permeability

  2-Cell Large Permeability Apparatus

  Sealing Devices

  Epoxy Resin, 5kg can

  Concrete Floor Tester

  Mechanical Thickness Gages for Steel Coatings

  Beam Curing Cover

  Beam (Plastic) and Large Cube Molds

  Beam (Steel) and Large Cube Molds

  Cement Mold Brush

  Digital Half-Cell Kit

  Digital Resistivity Meter Kit

  MultiRole Data Logger (Lab in a Bag)

  Relative Loss of Section Meter

  Cylinder Mold Transport Racks

  Cylinder Wrap

  Type A Pressure Meter

  Digital Concrete Field Scale

  Windsor Probe System

  Compound Melting Pots



  Calibration Load Cell

  Concrete Compression Tester,
440,000 lb (2000kN) Capacity

  Digital Two Piston Low Capacity Compression/Flexure Tester

  Concrete Vibrator, larger head

  Compression Machine Accessories including Software

  Mounting Stand


  Block Test Platen Set

  Universal Flexure Test Set

  Cube Test Apparatus

  Splitting Tensile Test Device

  Clay Block Flexure Device

  Digital Cover Meter

  Logging Cover Meter and Half-Cell Potential

  Humidifiers for Moist Rooms

  Flexure Device for Prisms, 40x40x160mm

  Concrete Compression Test Software

  Curing Room

  Crack Detection Microscope

  Penetrability Apparatus4 Cell

  Penetrability Apparatus8 Cell

  PC Integrated Penetrability Apparatus

  Penetrability Apparatus12 Cell

  Chloride Ion Penetrability Testing

  Turbo Oscillator

  Concrete Compression Machine, Digital

  Pro Model Ultrasonic Tester

  Universal Digital Display

  Calibration Load Cell System

  Concrete End Grinder

  Crack Width Automatic Measuring Apparatus

  Large Crack Monitoring, Digital System

  Humidifier 3 gallons/hour

  Cover Meter, Rebar Locator

  Concrete Thickness Gauge

  Crack Width Gauge

  Crack Depth Gauge

  Moist Room Controller

  Concrete Compression Machine, 275,000 lb (1225kN), all automatic

  Concrete Compression Machine, 350,000 lb (1556kN), all automatic

  Concrete Compression Machine, 280,000 lb (1230kN), all automatic

  Universal Testing Machine automatic control



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