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The balances category includes items such as balances, scales, and all other weighing apparatus.

Geotest has always carried a complete line of balances. These pages are currently in the process of being rebuilt. Additional items will be listed soon.


Items in the category: balances

  Portable Bench Scale 10kg x 0.5g

  Digital Concrete Field Scale

  Accessories for all Econoline Balances

  Weight Test Set Metric Class F

  Ohaus Triple Beam Balances 2,610x0.1g

  Cent-O-GramŽ Hanging Pan Balances 4-beam 311x0.01g

  Mechanical Field Scales

  Heavy Duty Solution Balance 20kgx1g

  Scoop and Counterweight for Heavy Duty Solution Balance

  Portable Platform Scales

  Portable Digital Lab and Field Scales

  Digital Soil Field Scale 20kgx1g

  Footed Plastic Scoop

  Individual Class F Brass Weights

  Economy Precision Balances

  Digital Concrete Field Scale

  Soil and Concrete Scale 66 lb/30kg

  Pocket Multi-Function Balance



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