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Electric and gasoline operated core drills as well as trailer mounted Kor-Mobiles for heavy production are offered. Cores to 8" (203mm) diameter can be cut from asphalt or concrete pavements. Special machines for taking cores to 16" (406mm) diameter are also available. The standard portable machines are mounted on a base with leveling screws. The Kor-Mobile uses the gasoline mounted unit without the base. All machines have a built-in water swivel with standard hose connection for water source. Diamond drill bits are not included and should be added from accompanying listing.

Electric models are also portable and can be supplied with or without a vacuum pad anchor which includes a vacuum pump. The vacuum pad can be used when drilling horizontally or when drilling through floors when there is no other means to anchor drill.

A new hand held gasoline drill, C-3499, is now available. This 2.5 HP, 2-cycle drill includes a water swivel and bit locator. It accepts bits to 6.25" diameter and can also be used to auger in soil.

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  Portable Core Drilling Machine, hand held gasoline

  Portable Core Drilling Machine, gasoline

  Portable Core Drilling Machine, electric

  Core Drilling Accessories and Diamond Drill Bits



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