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Specific Gravity Testing

Various apparatus used in testing specific gravity of soils and aggregate is described under specific gravity in the general category on the search page.

Items in the category: aggregate

  Improved Dunagan Test Set

  Slake Durability Device

  Scratch Hardness Tester

  Aggra-Wash Drum, Automatic

  Rock Classification Hammer

  Classification of Aggregate Particles

  Point Load Tester, Digital

  Abrasion Charge Set

  Aggra-Wash Drum, Table Top

  Spare Stainless Steel Drum

  Wire Mesh Drums/Water Tank Assembly

  Conical Tips

  Void Content Apparatus (fine aggregates)

  Proportional Caliper

  Void Content Apparatus (coarse aggregates)

  Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, Basic

  Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, Deluxe



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