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The sand equivalent test is performed to show relative proportions of detrimental fine dust or clay like material in soils or fine aggregates. The sand equivalent test is also used to determine durability factor of aggregate which is value indicating the relative resistance of that aggregate to producing detrimental clay-like fines when subjected to the methods of degradation. The test proceeds by shaking a sand equivalent cylinder a prescribed number of times under certain specified conditions. While the test can be performed manually, it is preferred procedure to employ one of the hand operated or motorized shakers to avoid operator error.

Sand equivalent apparatus presented here conforms to following specifications: ASTM D2419; AASHTO T176 and T210; California Department of Highways 217 and 229.

Items in the category: sand equivalent

  S. E. Shaker Hand Operated

  Sand Equivalent Test Set

  Sand Equivalent Shaker Hand Crank

  S. E. stock solution, 1 gallon

  S. E. stock solution, 8 ounce

  S. E. graduated plastic cylinder

  Mechanical Sand Equivalent Shaker



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