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Items in the category: asphalt

  Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTF)

  SHRP Gyratory Compactor

  Digital Manometer, Non-Mercury

  Water Determination Apparatus

  Vacuum Extractor

  Biodegradable Solvent Excel Clean HD

  Filterless Centrifuge

  Fume Hood 36┤┤ Wide

  Distillation of Cut-Back Asphalt

  Emulsified Asphalts Distillation Apparatus

  Tar Distillation Apparatus

  Bitumen Soluble in Organic Solvents

  Particle Charge Meter

  Ductility Machine, Temp Controlled

  Force Ductility Testing Kit

  Refrigerated Ductility Machine

  Ductility Accessories

  Utility Pensky-Martens Flash Tester, Electric

  Tag Closed Cup Testers

  Tag Open Cup Tester

  Rapid Flash Point Tester

  Trichloroethylene Solvent Reclaimer

  Universal Penetrometer

  Semi-Automatic Penetrometer

  Portable Penetrometer

  Automatic Digital Penetrometer

  Marshall Load Frames 50 and 100kN

  Mechanical Marshall Compactors

  Manual Compaction Sets and Accessories

  Marshall Compaction Molds

  Compaction Pedestal

  Mold Extractor

  Hand Compaction Hammer

  Marshall Sample Ejector

  Dial Flowmeter

  Circular Paper Discs

  Tensile Splitting Mold

  Marshall Water Baths

  Marshall Test Set

  Plastic Vacuum Pycnometer 10L

  Glass Vacuum Pycnometers heavy wall

  Metal Vacuum Pycnometer 4,500ml

  Vibrating Tables

  Residual Pressure Manometer

  Specific Gravity Bottles


  Ring and Ball Apparatus, Automatic Digital

  Viscosity Float Test Set

  Zahn Dip-Type Viscosity Cups

  Mortar and Pestle Compaction Mold

  Saybolt Tubes and Accessories

  Economy Constant Temperature Bath

  Vacuum/Pressure Regulator

  High Temperature Bath

  Vacuum Manifold

  Kinematic Viscosity

  Zeitfuchs Cross Arm Viscometers

  Asphalt Institute Vacuum Viscometers

  Digital Infrared Thermometer

  Nottingham Asphalt Tester (NAT)

  Skid Resistance and Friction Tester

  Accelerated Polishing Machine

  Core Clamp for Diamond Saw

  Low Temperature Bath

  Asphalt/Concrete Mobile Mixers with 8┤┤ wheels

  Asphalt/Concrete Stationary Mixer 5 gallon

  Asphalt/Concrete Mixer Accessories


  Motorized Table

  Replacement Filter Rings for Centrifuge Extractors

  Economy Vacuum Extractor

  Reflux Extractorá 1,000g

  Reflux Extractorá 2,000g

  Chart Recorder
(for Force Ductility Kit)

  Cleveland Flash Tester Gas

  Cleveland Flash Tester Deluxe Gas

  Electric Cleveland Flash Tester Economy

  Utility Pensky-Martens Flash Tester, Gas

  Standard Breaking Head/ Stability Test Mold

  Lottman Breaking Head/ Stability Test Mold

  Marshall Piston

  Centrifuge Extractors

  Softening Point Apparatus

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  Thin Film Test Pans

  Saybolt Viscosity Bath 4-Tube

  ASTM Thermometers

  Resilient Modulus Test System

  Revolving Shelf Oven

  Accessories for B1800, Skid Tester

  Petroleum Samplers

  Carbolite Binder Ignition Furnace

  Marshall Data Acquisition/Data Reporting Program

  Penetration Software Package

  Gyratory Mold Loading Chute

  Automatic Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

  Wheel Tracker UK Type PC Controlled

  Manometer, Non-Mercury, Digital

  Marshall-TSR Multiloader, 11,000 lb (50kN)

  Semi-Automatic Penetrometer

  Marshall Test Set Army Type 4



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