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Geotest offers a wide variety of permeability and triaxial equipment ranging from basic manual to automatic data acquisition and full computer control. These listings and descriptions present highlights and attempt to differentiate Geotest equipment from comparable equipment of other makes. Among these differences is the use of platens measuring 2.875", the size actually ejected from 3" thin wall tubes, instead of 2.8". Another is the use of 2,000 lbf (10Kn) capacity load frames which we believe are more than adequate for samples up to 4" (100mm) diameter. Higher capacity load frames are also offered, but generally are not needed and add extra expense.

Geotest control panels feature simplicity of operation, strong technical backup for inexperienced technicians and fast test results. Both type control panels conform to ASTM D5084 for flexible wall permeability testing and are equally suitable for triaxial compression testing in accordance with ASTM D2850 and D4767. Both have low air consumption. For that reason these panels do not include venturi type vacuum pumps which require large amounts of air to achieve relatively low vacuums. Two small vacuum pumps are offered as options. Either panel can be used to pressures as high as 300 psi (2,000kPa). Geotest systems assume one panel for each cell. This permits complete flexibility when setting all pressures. Systems using add-on panels require cells being conditioned to have identical pressures. All valves and fittings are highest quality available.

Triaxial Cells

Geotest cells have the least piston friction of any commercial triaxial cell that does not permit liquid to leak past the piston. We go a step beyond ASTM D2850 which permits the piston to be guided by 2 linear ball bushings. The ASTM system is excellent except that these cells must be sealed against leakage. The usual method is a ´U´-cup seal which presses against the piston. Friction increases each time the lateral pressure goes up. Piston friction on a Geotest cell never changes. The piston will slide down by its own weight. This minimal friction never changes despite high applications of lateral pressure.

The triaxial and permeability cells are identical except for the top. For a complete description of the features, please see Triaxial Cell Features (S5020-44).

Items in the category: triaxial

  Triaxial Load Frames 50 kN

  Triaxial Load Frame 10kN

  Replacement Burets for S5427, S5427B, S5427D

  Add-On (Piggyback) Panel

  Control Panel for use with Permometer

  Triaxial Permeability Control Panel

  Triaxial Cells 3创

  Triaxial Cell Features

  Triaxial Top for Permeability Cell

  Permeability Top for Triaxial Cell

  Cyclic Accessory Set

  High Pressure 6,, Cell

  Triaxial Cells 4创

  6创 Resilient Modulus Cell

  12创 Triaxial Cell

  Triaxial Load Frames 100 kN

  Basic Triaxial Test Set

  Triaxial Data Acquisition System

  Membrane Jackets

  Permeability and Triaxial Accessories

  Compaction Molds, triaxial

  Filter paper

  Filter Drains

  PI Tape


  Sealing Rings


  High Vacuum Grease

  Teflon Tape

  Porous Stones

  Pressure Regulators

  Air Compressor, 2 hp

  Cylinder Regulators

  Air Booster Pump

  Nold DeAerator De-Airing Apparatus

  Cyclic Loading Systems

  Cyclic and Static Load Frame

  Stress Path and Cyclic Triaxial Testing

  Cyclic Triaxial Set PC Controlled

  Triaxial Data Acquisition Set, Basic

  Cyclic and Resilient Modulus Accessory

  12创 Resilient Modulus Cell

  Triaxial Load Frame 10kN, computer control

  Standard Triaxial and Perm Set

  Triaxial Load Frames 50 kN, computer control

  Triaxial Load Frames 100 kN, computer control

  Resilient Modulus Test System

  Split Miter Boxes

  Back Pressure Bias Regulator



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