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Items in the category: soils

  Triaxial Load Frames 50 kN

  Triaxial Load Frame 10kN

  Rock Bore Hole Shear Tester

  Soil Bore Hole Shear Apparatus (BST)

  Hand Operated Unconfined Compression Tester 1500 lbf

  Hand Operated Unconfined Compression Tester 500 lbf

  Hand Operated Unconfined Compression Tester 2000 lbf

  Economy Motorized Unconfined Apparatus 1500 lbf

  Economy Motorized Unconfined Apparatus 500 lbf

  Economy Motorized Unconfined Apparatus 2000 lbf

  Precision Unconfined Apparatus 2000 lbf, digital

  Unconfined Data Acquisition System

  Unconfined Software Program

  Field Unconfined Tester

  Cone Penetration Apparatus

  Replacement Burets for S5427, S5427B, S5427D

  Motorized Laboratory Vane Apparatus

  Large Friction-Shear Machine

  Add-On (Piggyback) Panel

  Control Panel for use with Permometer

  Direct-Residual Shear, digital

  Precision Unconfined Apparatus 2000 lbf, manual or computer

  Shear Boxes, Cutting Shoes and Extruders

  Direct Shear Machine Stand

  Portable Tensiometer 500 lbf Capacity

  Gradient Ratio Clogging of Geotextiles

  Manometer Panel, wall mounted

  Manometer Panel, wall mounted

  CO2 Flowmeter Regulator

  Constant Head Tank

  Laboratory Tensiometer 1,000 lbf Capacity

  Notched Constant Tensile Load Stress Crack ResistanceApparatus

  Budhu Cyclic Simple Shear Apparatus

  Biaxial Apparatus

  Double Ring Infiltrometer Apparatus

  Permeability Consolidation Cell 2.5"

  Floating Ring Consolidation Cell 2.5"

  Fixed Ring Consolidation Cell 2.5"

  Constant and Falling Head Burette Assembly, consolidation

  Confining Pressure Cell

  Drill Rod with Coupling AW

  Expansion Potential Apparatus

  Combination Permeameter

  Digicon Consolidation Apparatus

  Controlled Gradient Consolidation

  Fall-Cone Apparatus

  Stork motorized Cathead for Lifting Hammer

  Wildcat Dynamic Vane Log Program

  Liquid Limit Set with Counter

  CRS Consolidation Cell

  Clegg Impact Soil Tester 4.5kg

  Soil Sampling Tube Kit 18创

  Auger-Tube Kit

  Constant and Falling Head Burette Assembly, permeability

  Lab Double Ring Permeameter

  Pin Hole Dispersion Device

  Rigid Wall Permeameter

  Sand/Gravel Permeameters

  Manometer Panels

  De-Airing and Storage Tanks

  Miniature Permeameter, Sand/Gravel

  Nuclear Moisture Density Gauge

  Nuclear Density/Moisture Meter

  Nuclear Density/Moisture Gauge

  Triaxial Permeability Control Panel

  Cone and Staff 0.2 sq. in.

  Proctor Penetrometer

  C of E Cone Penetrometer

  Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

  Sealing Wax, 1 lb block

  Power Soil Drill Accessories

  Economy Add-On Permeability Set

  Permometer Constant Volume Device

  Dial/Digital Indicator Holder

  Rotary Laboratory Sifter 8/12

  Toxic Interface Chamber

  Permeability Flex Wall Chamber for corrosive fluids as permeant

  Accessory Sets For Permeability Flex Wall Chambers

  Power Soil Drill

  Portable Test Gauge

  Standard Economy Permeability Set

  Digital Pressure Indicator

  Triaxial Cells 3创

  Triaxial Cell Features

  Triaxial Top for Permeability Cell

  Permeability Top for Triaxial Cell

  Cyclic Accessory Set

  High Pressure 6,, Cell

  Triaxial Cells 4创

  6创 Resilient Modulus Cell

  12创 Triaxial Cell

  Triaxial Load Frames 100 kN

  Direct-Residual Shear Windows Program Update

  Portable Pore Pressure Systems

  Standard Permeability Set

  Add-On Permeability Set

  12创 Permeameter Cell

  6,, Permeability Cell

  Basic Triaxial Test Set

  Portable Pore Pressure Systems (200 psi)

  Triaxial Data Acquisition System

  Membrane Jackets

  Permeability and Triaxial Accessories

  Compaction Molds, triaxial

  Filter paper

  Split Miter Boxes

  Filter Drains

  PI Tape


  Sealing Rings


  High Vacuum Grease

  Teflon Tape

  Porous Stones

  Pressure Regulators

  Normal Load Electronic Feed Back Control

  Air Compressor, 2 hp

  Cylinder Regulators

  Air Booster Pump

  Utility Vacuum Pressure Pump

  High Vacuum Pump 2-stage

  Electronic Vacuum Gauge

  Super Capacity High Vacuum Pump

  Water Trap

  Vacuum Gauge

  Vacuum Pump Oil, 1 quart

  Gas Drier

  Vacuum Regulator with Gauge

  Nold DeAerator De-Airing Apparatus

  Cyclic Loading Systems

  Cyclic and Static Load Frame

  Extension points for dial indicators

  Magnet Holder

  Econolyn Digital Dial Indicators

  Electronic Digital Dial Indicators

  Automatic Soil Processor

  Soil Grinder

  Rapid Soil Processor

  Counter Current Batch Mixer

  Soil Pulverizer

  Specimen Trimming Frames

  Battery Filler

  Soil Mortar and Pestle



  Wire Saws

  Compaction Tamper

  Motorized Hydraulic Sample Ejector

  Manual Hydraulic Sample Ejector

  Accessories For Hydraulic Ejectors

  Liquid Limit Test Machine, Hand Operated

  Atterberg Limit Testing Accessories

  Liquid Limit Test Set

  Plastic Limit Test Set

  Shrinkage Limit Test Set

  Mercury Spill Collector

  Limits and Classifications Software Program

  Compaction Hammers

  Compaction Molds, soil

  Straight Edge

  Mechanical Soil Compactor

  Shelby Tube Cutter 4.5

  Harvard Miniature Compaction Apparatus

  6.5创 Sand Cone Apparatus

  Field Density Plates


  12,, Sand Density Cone

  Volutesters (Balloon Density)

  Sand Cone Density Set

  Stress Path and Cyclic Triaxial Testing

  Balloon Density Set

  Density Pick

  Density Tools

  Surface Soil Samplers

  Vibrating Table 230VAC

  Relative Density Set

  Pouring Devices (Funnel Set)

  Relative Density Mold Sets

  Relative Density Gauge Set


  Pocket Penetrometer

  Dial Type Pocket Penetrometers

  Pocket Vane Shear Tester

  Hand Vane Tester

  Inspection Vane Set

  Soil Charts

  Field Inspection Vane Borer

  Soil pH Tester

  All Purpose Soil Test Kit

  Oil Free Vacuum Pump

  Direct Shear Post Processing Software

  Gilson Testing Screen, hand clamp

  Sieve Catalog Numbers

  Wash-Spray Attachment

  Deep Frame Sieves

  Grain Size Test Software Program

  Air Loaded Consolidation Apparatus, 16 TSF

  Wet/Dry Vibrator

  Rocker Sieve Set

  Big Shear Data Acquisition Software System

  PC Controlled Direct-Residual and Friction Shear Machine

  High Capacity Shear Box FS

  Motorized Economy 8创 Sieve Shaker

  Electromagnetic Sieve Shakers

  Gilson Sieve Shakers

  Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker

  Testing Screen and Test-Master Accessories

  Clean-n-Weigh Testing Screen Accessory

  Sand Attachment Testing Screen Accessory

  Tray Rack Testing Screen Accessory

  Sound Compartment Testing Screen Accessory


  Porta-Screen Accessories

  Cyclic Triaxial Set PC Controlled

  Dial Indicators

  Basic Swell Test Apparatus

  Sample Splitters

  Quartering Blanket

  Micro Sample Splitters

  Gilson Universal Sample Splitters

  S. E. Shaker Hand Operated

  Sand Equivalent Shaker Hand Crank

  Sand Equivalent Test Set

  Soil Auger

  Back Pressured Ko Stepped Blade

  Soil Sampling Kit

  Hand Hammer Assembly 35 lb

  Heavy Duty Split Spoon Sampler 2,,

  Tripod Lifting Frame Kit

  Sample Bags

  Sample Jars

  Agricultural Soil Moisture Tester

  Soil pH and Moisture Meter

  Soil Compaction Penetrometer

  Irrometers for Soil Moisture

  Soil Assessment Cone Penetrometer

  TRL Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

  Nilcon Field Vane Apparatus

  Static Penetrometer, Recording

  CBR Field Set

  Mechanical Jack, 3-Speed

  Glass Stirring Rods

  200 Ton Loading Ram Set

  CBR Lab Set, Hand Operated

  Mechanical Loading Press 10,000 lb

  Spacer Disc

  Cutting Edge

  Swell Plate

  Penetration Piston

  Tripod Attachment

  Plate Bearing Test Set 60,000 lb

  Expansion Index Apparatus

  Organic Impurities Test Set

  Dial Indicator 0.5000x0.0001

  CBR Test Set Digital

  Liquid Limit Test Set

  Mercury, 1 lb bottle

  Shear Vane

  创Mary Ann创 Laboratory Sifter

  Sieves For Testing Materials

  Gilson Testing Screen, hydraulic

  Laboratory Compaction Set

  Gilson Test-Master, 6 tray

  Gilson Test-Master, 7 tray

  Triaxial Data Acquisition Set, Basic

  Bucket Auger 4创 for Power Soil Drill

  Cone Tips

  Sounding Rods

  Torque Wrench with socket and hex key

  Liquid Limit Test Machine, Motorized

  Liquid Limit Test Machine with counter

  Shrinkage Prong Plate

  Monel Shrinkage Dish

  Glass Cup

  4创 Compaction Permeameter

  6创 Compaction Permeameter

  Compacting Hammer, Rigid Wall

  4.5创 Sand Cone Apparatus

  Plastic 1 gallon jar
(for sand cone apparatus)

  Cube Test Sand

  Large Friction Shear Machine (more info)

  Tensile Test Sand

  Plate Bearing Test Set 100,000 lb

  Filter Screen

  Filter Paper  5.9 diameter

  200 Ton Loading Ram Set Digital

  Chisel 1创 wide

  Rubber Mallet 1 lb


  Carbide (Speedy) Moisture Reagent

  Extension 19创
(for Cone Penetrometer)

  Precision Unconfined Apparatus 2000 lbf, dial

  Direct-Residual Shear, dial

  Direct-Residual Shear Apparatus, Computer Controlled

  Hand Operated Laboratory Vane Apparatus

  Cyclic and Resilient Modulus Accessory

  12创 Resilient Modulus Cell

  Strain Measuring Accessory

  Permeability Flex Wall Chamber for water as permeant

  Small Permeability Flex Wall Chamber

  Triaxial Load Frame 10kN, computer control

  Standard Triaxial and Perm Set

  Hand Operated 8创 Sieve Shaker

  Motorized 8创 and 12创 Sieve Shaker

  S. E. stock solution, 1 gallon

  S. E. stock solution, 8 ounce

  S. E. graduated plastic cylinder

  Portable Sample Ejector

  Portable Sample Ejector 4 and 6创 Molds

  CBR Test Software Program

  Bladder Loader

  Porta-Screen, 7 tray model

  Sensitive Weight Set

  Front Loading Lever Apparatus, 16 tsf

  Front Loading Lever Apparatus, 32 tsf

  Front Loading Lever Apparatus, 48 tsf

  Calibration Disc

  Consolidation Data Acquisition System

  Consolidation Post Processing Software

  Test Coupon Cutter

  Triaxial Load Frames 50 kN, computer control

  Triaxial Load Frames 100 kN, computer control

  Unconfined Compression Set for S5830

  CBR Test Set for S5830

  Soil Cement Test Set for S5830A, S5831, S5840, S5840A, and S5841

  Wet Sieving Accessory

  Air Loaded Consolidation Apparatus, 32 TSF

  Air Loaded Consolidation Apparatus, 64 TSF

  Biaxial Instrumentation Set

  Combination Motorized CBR Lab Set

  Air Operated Bore Hole Shear Tester (BST)

  Bore Hole Depth Kit

  BST Pore Pressure System

  Field Repair Kit

  Soil Cement Test for S5830

  Soil Box Leads

  Plastic Limit Roller

  Table Model Masonry Saw

  Aluminum Moisture Boxes

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  Soil Boxes, Resistivity

  Resilient Modulus Test System

  Evaporating Dishes

  Sieve Brushes

  Sample Cans

  Aggregate Handling Pans

  Soil Resistivity Meter

  Soil Dispersion Mixer

  Thermometers, hydrometer analysis

  Hydrometers, Soil, Improved ASTM Form

  Moisture-Density Software Program

  Mechanical Sand Equivalent Shaker

  Porta Wheels

  Water Level Indicators

  LBR Mold

  LBR Spacer Disc

  CBR Mold

  Calcium Carbonate Content Chamber

  Portable Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Set

  Motorized CBR Lab Set

  Deep Frame Sieves with replaceable mesh 8 in dia

  DigiShear Automated Direct Shear System

  Hydrometer Analysis Bath

  Direct Shear, digital

  Direct Shear Windows Program Update

  Direct Shear, dial

  LBR Test Set, Digital

  Dual-Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

  DigiShear Automated Direct Simple Shear System

  Resistivity Test Reel with Soil Pins, 20

  Iwan Augers

  Soil Trafficability Set

  Mini Hydrometer Jar Bath

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  50kN and 100kN MULTI-LOADERS

  Sampling Tube Permeability Set

  Unconfined Compression Set -S5830A, S5831, S5840, S5840A, S5841

  Unconfined Compression Set Digital

  CBR Test Set for S5830A, S5831, S5840, S5840A, and S5841

  Direct Shear Apparatus, Computer Controlled

  Multi-Loader Accessories

  Circular Weight

  Speedy 2000 Type Carbide Moisture Tester

  Double Ring Infiltrometer Set

  Back Pressure Bias Regulator

  Borehole Vane Shear Test Set

  Consolidation Test System, computer controlled

  Soil Resistivity Test Kit

  Marshall-TSR Multiloader, 11,000 lb (50kN)

  Penetrometer, Digital Semi-Automatic

  Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus, Portable

  Electronic Digital Dial Indicators

  Shelby Tube, Thin Wall Sampler 3,,

  Slotted Weight

  Split Surcharge Weight



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