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U-2590 Remind-O-Timer Timeswitch and Timer

This is a unique 12-hour dial combination time buzzer and time switch. Standard 12 hour dial with 48 settings, 5 minute interval settings for buzzer, and 15 minute interval settings for automatic control of appliances and machinery (standard outlet on the back is a plug-in for any appliance up to 1000 watts). A toggle switch is provided to silence buzzer when model is used as a time switch only. Walnut tone case. Size: 71/2"h x 71/4"w x 31/4"d.

U-2591 Remind-O-Timer

This timer has features of U-2590 but does not include the timeswitch. U-2591 is now being used by many large hotels.

Simple to Operate - The buzzer is set by merely moving a series of small pins, located around the face. As many as 48 "reminders" may be set up 12 hours in advance at FIVE minute intervals. Supplied with 6' grounded plug. Walnut tone case.
Shipping Weight: 6 lb (2.7kg); 0.3 cu. ft.

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