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S5470 Digital Pressure Indicator

This pressure indicator has multiple uses. It can be used in consolidation as well as for permeability and triaxial testing. See the appropriate descriptions below for your purposes.

Permeability and Triaxial

ASTM D2850

For ease and accuracy in setting pressures, this digital system has no equal. With a range of 200 psi and a readability of 0.1 psi, this system can accurately display cell pressure, back pressure,and head pressure. It includes tubing and quick connector. It easily converts to kPa. RS232 output is available as an option.



This can be used in place of the test gauge to accurately set loads to as low as 0.05 TSF (5kPa). It can be set up to read in PSI or kPa. Loads up to 32TSF (3,064kPa) can be applied.

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