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S2450plus Large Friction Shear Machine (more info)

There have been several changes in our friction-shear machine making it an even greater value. We have tried to point out in the catalog description how our apparatus differs from other systems now being marketed. We will describe here recent changes and additions:

1. For those only doing friction shear testing, we offer the option of eliminating the 4 side friction load cells at a reduction in cost. Others may not desire this feature when doing shear testing of soil.

2. We soon expect to have available an all PC controlled version.

3. We now offer a pre-conditioner (satellite) unit. A preconditioner is used to soak and or consolidate the specimen before shearing. The use of one or more preconditioners permits much more efficient use of the large, far more costly, friction-shear machine.

The preconditioner has the same size bucket, sled for high rigidity and loading yoke as the friction-shear machine. Loading can be done with a simple hand operated jack or a motorized system with pressure control. The essential components less the load system are shown in the schematic above. The basic preconditioner is constructed from anodized aluminum. It includes upper and lower shear box with the removable shear block, 2 porous plates, 21 thick PVC spacer blocks, ´C clamps, alignment pins, screws and preparation stand. Loading system is additional. Model number of preconditioner is S2450.9.

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Schematic of Preconditioner (Satellite) Unit

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