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S2450 Large Friction-Shear Machine

3 Functions: Friction, Shear and Consolidation
ASTM D3080 and D5321

The Geotest hydraulic FS machine developed by our research engineer, Stephen Sebestyen, is the most accurate, versatile and easiest to use machine of its kind now offered. S2450 will determine the coefficient of friction of soil and geosynthetic, geosynthetic and geosynthetic as well as direct and residual shear force of soil under consolidated drained conditions on 12x12" or 300x300mm size specimens.When used as a friction machine, the lower half of the shear box is fitted with a rigid block to support the geosynthetic material. To maintain a constant cross section during friction test, the lower half is made 16.5" (420mm) long.

This apparatus has the added feature of being able to determine residual friction by reciprocating movement. It is also suitable to perform long term, constant tension creep tests.

4 load cells measure normal load to an accuracy of 1 lbf (10N) and the loading mechanism is supported by a constant force airspring which will allow loads as low as 5 lbf to be applied.

All parameters are digitally displayed with outputs for convenient interfacing with a PC. The Geotest FS machine has many distinguishing features, most of which are not found elsewhere.

  • Full consolidation test capability
  • Constant area for friction
  • Side friction measurement
  • Residual shear or friction force by reciprocal movement
  • Side clamps in addition to end clamps to prevent "bunching" of geomembrane.
  • Inherent ability to perform long term creep test
  • Measurement of actual (true) friction force
  • Tension-compression load cell to measure shear friction force
  • Mini fork lift for placement and removal of shear box from saturation tank and staging platform
  • Rounded corners of shear box to eliminate crowding and stress concentration in sharp corners
  • Sliding of shear box on constant, low friction teflon on teflon sled
  • 4 load cells to measure normal load
  • Low and high normal load ranges for better accuracy
  • Software for automatic data acquisition
  • Optional removable bladder loading
  • Preconditioner satellite units available

The moving half of the shear box is seated on a rigid sled with both contact surfaces covered with teflon. Absolutely straight movement is assured by center guide.

Side friction is measured by suspending (floating) the upper (stationary) half of the shear box on load cells using threaded rods. By deducting side friction from applied normal load, the stress is accurately computed at the shear-friction zone; only the true force is measured as all friction associated with the moving half is excluded.

The shear-friction force is developed by hydraulic cylinders. The oil pressure is set and maintained by applying the output of an electro-pneumatic pressure regulator to the pressure tank. Steplessly variable strain rate is controlled by a constant pressure difference across micrometer valves. Creep tests of unlimited time duration can be performed by setting the pressures for the normal and lateral cylinders to provide the desired tensions.

Vertical and horizontal displacement are measured by digital indicators with outputs for data acquisition. Other measured values are displayed on panel meters, also with outputs for data acquisition. All measurements are displayed to accuracy of 1% or better.

The machine is constructed from aluminum to provide high rigidity at reasonable weight. The tank for fully saturating the specimen and all aluminum parts are anodized and/or hard coated to provide long term corrosion resistance, even if contaminated water is used for saturation. A rigid platform, fitted into the lower half for the friction test, is provided. The manual mini fork lift is constructed from steel. Complete apparatus includes staging platform for preparing specimens, fork lift, 2 porous plates and spacing blocks to form 16.5" (420mm) platform for friction test.

See S2450plus for more information on the Large Friction-Shear Machine.

Sample Box size: 12x12x3" (300x300x75mm) (upper)
12x12x3" (300x300x75mm) (lower)
Lower platform is 16.5" (420mm) long
Shear plane gap: 0 to 0.400" (10mm)
Normal load: Low Range 20 to 2,000 lbf (100N to 9kN)
High Range 200 to 20,000lbf (1 to 90kN)
Both ranges readable to 1 lbf (10N)
lateral force:
20,000 lbf (90kN) by 1 lbf (10N)
Strain rate: 0.00004 to 0.3 inch (0.001 to 7.62mm)/minute
Side friction
load cells:
4000 lbf (20kN) by 1 lbf (10N)
Shear movement: 4" by 0.001" (100x.0.02mm)
Normal movement: Up to 3" (75mm); supplied with 1" (25mm)
travel EDDI readable to 0.001" (0.02mm)
Dimensions (LxDxH):  28x50x36" (61x127x91cm)
Net Weight: 920 lb (418kg)

Shipping Weight: 1,150 lb (523kg); 78 cu. ft.

S2450.5 Bladder Loader

The bladder loading accessory fits into the upper half of shear box. Its pressure regulator and gauge mount on control console. Bladder loader can be installed by connecting only one tube.

Additional shear boxes with preloading capabilities are available to free shear machine from necessity of long term conditioning.

S2455 Big Shear Data Acquisition Software System

This advanced acquisition system was developed for use with S2450 large friction-shear machine. Hardware includes cable to PC and I/O card. Software permits input of control parameters, specimen and input data. On line help is available. Data acquisition is in real time and features both graphical and digital display of load/deformation and consolidation curves with data storage in ASCII format. If complete post processing of data with reporting in engineering formats is needed, specify S2255P. S2255P includes all of the features described under S2239.

S2454 High Capacity Shear Box FS

This is similar in all respects to S2450 except normal load capacity is 30,000 lbf (133kN).

Big Shear Accessories

S2461 Porous bronze plate 300x300x7mm for all loads.

S2462 High friction gripper plate-so that almost any geomembrane can be securely held while being sheared.

S2456 PC Controlled Direct-Residual and Friction Shear Machine

This state of the art apparatus permits full PC control of normal and shear stresses. It is now possible to set ratios of load to simulate most in-situ condition. Data is collected and processed from all transducers and interactive menus permit control of both stresses by either the strain or stress mode. Speed and direction can be changed at any time during a test.

Full data acquisition capabilities as described under S2455 are included with S2456.

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S2450 shown with computer

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