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S1500 Data Sheets

We offer many data sheets for compiling and determining various properties of materials. Many previously available data sheets have been replaced by up-to-date versions. Unless otherwise specified, data sheets are supplied in pads of 100 sheets, 8.5x11", printed on one side, and punched for 3-ring binders.

S1500    Boring log for drilling and sampling
Logdraft software program is also available.
S1501 Field Density Tests to record sand cone data and determine density and percent compaction
S1502 Field Density Tests (sand cone and balloon to record and determine water content and density of soil)
S1504 Compaction Control Report location diagram
S1505 Compaction Test water content, density determination by Proctor or modified Proctor and curve density vs. water content
California Bearing Ratio
S1510 Moisture Content, Unit Weight Data compacted specimens
S1511 Soaking and Swell Test Data
S1512 Stress-Penetration Curve
S1513 Load Data, Wet and Dry Unit Weight Classification
S1515 Water Content Determination
S1516 Atterberg Limits (liquid and plastic limits)
S1517 Shrinkage Limits
Size Determination
S1520 Grain Size Analysis-Mechanical-Sieve Analysis
S1521 Grain Size Analysis-Hydrometer Method
S1522 Grain Size Distribution Graph
S1523 Strokes Law Nomograph
Specific Gravity
S1527 Specific Gravity of Soil Solids data and determinations
S1528 Calibration of Pycnometer Jars
Unconfined Compression
S1531 Stress-Strain Data and Computations
S1532 Data, Stress-Strain Curve, classification and sieve analysis
S1535 Initial and Final Data-Water Content
S1536 Time-Compression Data
S1537 Computation Sheet for initial void ratio and coefficient of consolidation
S1538 Curve-Deformation vs. Time
S1539 Graph Paper-Pressure vs. Void Ratio
S1543 Coefficient of Permeability (constant head, falling head)
S1544 Data and Computation Sheet for relatively impervious materials combined with consolidation sheet
Direct Shear
S1548 Cohesive and Cohesionless Soil
S1554 Initial Condition (cohesive, cohesionless)
S1555 Data,Stress and Strain Calculations
S1556 Data with Volume Changes and/or Pore Pressure
recorded suitable for quick test
S1557 Test Report Form with curves for sieve analysis shear stress vs. principal stresses, vol. strain vs. axial strain, deviator stress vs. axial strain
Relative Density
S1560 Maximum and Minimum Density Determinations
using 0.1 and 0.5 cu. ft. molds

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S1500 Data Sheets
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S1500 Data Sheets
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S2020 Unconfined Software Program
S6230 Triaxial Data Acquisition System
S3263-S3267 Load Cell Systems
S1704-S1715 Load Rings
S6205 Triaxial Data Acquisition Set, Basic
E-430 CBR Test Software Program
S2815 Consolidation Data Acquisition System
S2818 Consolidation Post Processing Software
S2238W1 Direct-Residual Shear Windows Program Update
S5475 Wide Range Digital Pressure Gauge
S6220 Triaxial Post Processing System Geosystem©
S2238W1. Direct Shear Windows Program Update

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