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S1000 Soil Bore Hole Shear Apparatus (BST)

This apparatus, now widely accepted, offers a simple means for directly measuring shearing strength of fine to medium grained soils in-situ. The principal advantages are minimum sample disturbance, ease and speed of testing and on-site evaluations. The bore hole shear test is analogous to a lab direct shear test or more closely to a simple shear test with free drainage. It is referred to as a consolidated, drained test with pore pressures negative or near zero.

The apparatus was originally developed by Professor Richard Handy and associates at Iowa State University. The bore hole test involves drilling a smooth hole about 3" in diameter, inserting an expandable shear head, expanding the two opposing shear plates against the walls of the hole under a known normal pressure allowing time for consolidation, and then slowly pulling the plates until shearing occurs.

The complete apparatus includes standard and high pressure shear plates, 3" (75mm) shear head with pore pressure port, 25 (7.6m) pull rod, insertion tool and connecting pipes, dynamometer base plate, molded aluminum case with built-in console for CO2 and spare CO2 bottle. Gauges read directly in soil stresses (Ksf, psi or kPa can be specified when ordering). A separate air pump (for emergency use) is available as an option.
Shipping Weight: 80 lb (16kg); 2.5 cu. ft

S1002 Air Operated Bore Hole Shear Tester (BST)

This apparatus, identical in most respects to S1000, uses a screw adjustable, calibrated hand pump to apply normal stress eliminating necessity to have CO2 under pressure. This is used in place of the console. A larger aluminum carrying case is included.
Shipping Weight: 35 lb (16kg); 2.5 cu. ft.

S1010 Bore Hole Depth Kit

This extends effective range from 25 to 50.
Shipping Weight: 68 lb (31kg); 2 cu. ft.

S1011 BST Pore Pressure System

Attaching to the shear head, this is used to assure a drained condition. It includes transducer, digital display, and rechargeable battery pack.

S1015 Field Repair Kit

The repair kit is useful for maintaining bore hole apparatus. It includes rolling diaphragms, seals, pull strap, etc.

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