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E-1240 Portable Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Set

Portable Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

The original Dynamic Cone Penetrometer was developed in 1959 by the late Professor George F. Sowers. The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer uses a 15 lb (6.8kg) steel mass falling 20" (50.8cm) that strikes the anvil to cause penetration of a 1.5" (3.8cm) diameter 60 cone that has been seated in the bottom of a hand augered hole. The blows required to drive the embedded cone a depth of 13/4" have been correlated to N values derived from the Standard Penetraion Test (SPT). Experience has shown that the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer can be used effectively in augered holes to depths of 15 to 20 ft. (4.6 to 6.1m).

The Portable Dynamic Penetrometer Set is designed to perform penetration testing for evaluation of soil consistency and density and is ideal for field exploration and for verifying individual footing foundations during construction. It is available in a 10 ft. depth dynamic cone penetrometer set (E-1240) and a dynamic cone penetrometer and auger test set (E-1245). Either set can be used to take drive tube samples using the 3 x 10" (76.4 x 254mm) sample tubes offered as an accessory by replacing the cone with a drive tube assembly.

E-1240 Portable Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Set

Which includes:
E-1240.1 Sliding drive hammer assembly
E-1240.2 Cone penetrometer point with 1 ft. adapter rod
E-1240.3 30 inch "E" drill rod (4 each)
E-1240.9 Instruction
Shipping Weight: 66 lb (30kg); 1.5 cu. ft.

E-1245 Portable Dynamic Cone Penetrometer and Auger Set

Which includes:
E-1245.1 Standard auger head
E-1245.2 36 inch auger extensions (4 each)
E-1245.3 Cross handle/T handle
E-1240 Cone Penetrometer Set
Shipping Weight: 86 lb(39kg); 2.5 cu. ft.

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