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E-1130A Borehole Vane Shear Test Set

The Borehole Vane Shear test set conducts in-situ measurements of shear strength in alluvial and sedimentary deposits both above and below the water table at the bottom of a cased hole. It determines in-place shearing resistance and has been successfully used to depths of 50m. The borehole vane shear test set was developed specifically for this purpose and is relatively inexpensive apparatus. A torque applicating and measuring instrument mounted on a base applies and measures the torque on a dial gauge using an individual calibration curve which converts readings to kg­–cm of torque.

In use the driller must case a hole to the required depth. Then quick coupling extension rods are fitted together with steady bearings located approximately 3m apart to keep rods centered in casing and to remove possibilities of friction. An appropriate vane is then fitted to the end of the extensions and pushed down into the soil to be tested. The other end of the extension string is then attached to the torque measuring instrument and the test begins. A dummy rod is supplied to factor out rod friction.

For a complete set, some of the following components are needed: E-1130A Torque application and measuring instrument, vane, vane guides, quick-coupling rods, torque rod, dummy rod. Apparatus conforms to ASTM D2573.

E-1130A Torque Application and Measuring Instrument

A detachable stand is provided to anchor the instrument. An attachment to securely hold the string of rods is provided. A calibration curve to convert the dial guage readings to kg–cm of torque is also supplied. Capacity is 2000 kg-cm.


Cat. no. E-1131A           E-1132A           E-1133A           E-1134A            E-1135A
Dia (mm) 50           65           75           85           100
Height (mm)      100             130             150             170             200

Extension Rods with quick coupling

Cat. no. E-1137A           E-1138A
Length (m)      0.5           1

Vane Guide (Steady Bearing)

These keep longer strings of extension rods straight and prevent them from contacting the inner surface of the casing or pipe. Usually spaced no more than 3m apart.

Cat. no. E-1140A            E-1141A
Casing dia. (mm)           100            150

Special Recommended Rods

E-144A      Torque Rod,   square cross section 0.6m long
E-144B      Dummy Rod,   to factor out friction of vane rod

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Schematic of Borehole Vane Test in progress

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