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E-1100 Nilcon Field Vane Apparatus

Measuring vane or shear strength of soil is an effective method to estimate bearing capacity of cohesive soils. Two field vane devices are offered here. Small vane testers can be found under related items E-285, E-290, E-286, and E-288. The manually operated unit, E-1100, rotates the vane with a hand crank and results are recorded on a wax paper graph. The electric vane test instrument E-1110, rotates the vane with a variable speed drive powered with 12VDC. Measurement is done with a PC. All data is collected in the hard drive.

Either instrument is driven into the soil by any kind of drilling or pushing equipment or by the field drivers shown on this page. Drill rods are fed through the instrument until the desired depth is reached. A slip coupling eliminates influence of rod friction against soil. Recording of torque is done every 0.15o. Measurements are carried out with strain gauges. Shear strength is automatically calculated by the program.

The manual field vane, E-1100, has been used world wide for over 30 years. The recently introduced electric device E-1110, automates the entire operation.

Vanes are high quality nickel-chrome steel designed to penetrate the soil easily without disturbance. The recording instrument has a measuring range of 0-120Nm, and with no. 2 vane, this is equivalent to a shear strength of 0-100 kPa. Accuracy is better than 1% at full range. Weight is 55 lb (22kg).

As many variations and a large array of accessories are available, we ask that prospects for this apparatus contact us so that we can make specific recommendations.

The following vanes are available:

Vane no.
Diameter, mm
Height, mm
Measurement range kPa

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top: (left) E-1100, (rt)Typical Recording;
bottom: Vane No. 2

This item is part of the following categories:

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