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E-1005A Double Ring Infiltrometer Set

Double Ring Infiltrometer
ASTM D3385, D5126

An accepted field method for determining rate of infiltration of liquids into soils is the double ring infiltrometer. Geotest has redesigned the existing apparatus so that it not only conforms to ASTM D3385 and D5126 but also has features making this apparatus more convenient and with better reliability. The new apparatus includes 2 individually calibrated plastic cylinders. One is graduated to 5,000ml and the second to 13,000ml. Special supports prevent cylinders from tipping and maintain proper height. Two rings measuring respectively 12" and 24" by 20" high with one edge beveled and the other edge reinforced for driving into the soil are also provided. These are offered in aluminum for added portability and optionally of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Liquid is held constant at operator selected level by specially designed float valves. This is a more positive method than the Mariotte tubes still used by other manufacturers. The 12 lb sledge hammer has been replaced with a lighter, easier to handle model. Four sets are described. The basic sets, E-1006A and E-1006S, include the apparatus only. The complete sets, E-1005A and E-1005S include some suggested peripheral equipment. E-1006A and E-1005A have light weight aluminum rings. E-1006S and E-1005S have stainless steel rings.


E-1006A Double Ring Infiltrometer Apparatus

Includes 12" and 24" aluminum rings, 2 constant level float valves, driving cap, splash guards, tamper, graduated cylinders, data sheets and instructions.
Shipping Weight: 110 lb (50kg); 18 cu. ft.

E-1006S Double Ring Infiltrometer Apparatus SS

This is same as E-1006A except the 2 aluminum rings have been replaced with stainless steel rings.


E-1005A Double Ring Infiltrometer Set

The complete set includes all parts in E-1006A and in addition a rubber mallet, small sledge hammer, water bucket with pouring spout, carpenter’s level, thermometer, pH paper, wood block to drive cap assembly and shovel.
Shipping Weight: 135 lb (61kg); 20 cu. ft.

E-1005S Double Ring Infiltrometer Set SS

This set is same as E-1005A except that the 2 rings are stainless steel in place of aluminum.


Replacement Cylinders

Spare graduated and individually calibrated cylinders are available for Geotest infiltrometers.

E-1010     Graduated mariotte tube   5,000 x 50ml)
E-1011     Graduated mariotte tube   13,000 x 100ml)

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