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CE501 Hand Operated Flow Table


Construction is same as CE500, CE506 except power is provided by a hand wheel. A bronze flow mold is included.
Shipping Weight: 29 lb (13kg); 1.2 cu. ft.

Motorized Flow Tables

ASTM C87, C109, C110, C185, C230, C243, C348; C593, C860;
AASHTO T71, T106, T137, M152

The heavy brass table is 10" in diameter and is dropped exactly 0.5" (12.7mm) on each revolution by means of a cam connected to the motor drive through a flexible coupling. The motor mounts on an adjustable bracket which mounts to a concrete pedestal supplied by the user.

The speed of the cam shaft is 100 rpm. A bronze flow mold is included. The flow caliper must be ordered separately.

CE500 motorized flow table is exactly as described.
CE506 is same as CE500 except with the addition of a counter to preset number of drops. 115/60/1 is standard; for 230/50/1, add "-3" to catalog number.
Shipping Weight: 108 lb (49kg); 1.5 cu. ft.

CE505 Flow Caliper

This accessory is used with flow tables to measure mortar diameter and indicate percentage of flow.

CE508 Straight Edge 11/4"x1/8x12"

Note: See separate listing (related items) for pictures of CE500 and CE505.

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