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CE190 Bronze Cube Molds

CE190 Forged Bronze Cube Mold 2x2x2"

ASTM C91, C109, C141, C267, C311, C472, C618, C1073; AASHTO T71, T106

The forged bronze cube mold holds tolerance longer than slightly less expensive machined bronze molds. It has a diagonal arrangement with reinforcing rib to prevent spreading and a detachable base plate. These are also available in stainless steel; specifiy CE190SS.
Shipping Weight: 15 lb (7kg); 0.25 cu. ft.

E-316 Cube Test Sand, 50 lb bag (all sand is described under related item E-315)

CE191 Forged Bronze Cube Mold 50x50x50mm

This is same as CE190 but makes 3 each 50x50x50mm cubes.

CE192 Brass Cover with 4 "C" Clamps

Used to convert the CE190, CE191 to CE195

CE195 Bronze Cube Mold for Expansive Grout

This is similar to CE190 with a detachable plate fastened to top of mold with 4 "C" clamps.
Shipping Weight: 20 lb (9kg); 0.25 cu. ft.

CE197 Cover Plate for testing capping compound

This is intended to go on top of CE190 or CE191 to slow rate of cooling when testing strength of capping compound.

Related Items:
E-315 Sand

CE190 at top;
CE195 middle;
CE197 bottom

This item is part of the following categories:

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U-1695 Heater Adapter Kit
CE500 Motorized Flow Tables
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CE560 Plaster Extensometer
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CE830 Tamping Rod
CE840 Flexure Attachment
CE870 Soil-Cement Capper
CE117 Micrometer Depth Gauge
CE120 Micrometer Bridge Set
CE215 Cube Maker Kit
E-316 Cube Test Sand
S5835 Soil Cement Test for S5830
CE910 Compression and Flexure Tester
CE900 Compression Tester 500kN
CE450 Flexural Tensile Tester
U-1690 Mortar Mixer
CE581 Air Entrainment Meter for Masonry Cement 0.75 liter
CE190 Bronze Cube Molds
CE1200 Flame Photometer
CE130A Autoclave, Cement digital
E-260 Sample Ejector 20 Push
CE370access Automatic Vicat Accessories

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