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8B-12Sinfo Sieves For Testing Materials

U.S. Standard Testing Sieves

All testing sieves conform to the latest revised ASTM and AASHTO standards. Frames are seamless brass or stainless steel and mesh is available in brass or stainless steel. The most frequently used and the type described in greatest detail is 8" diameter, brass frame, brass or phosphor bronze mesh, full height and with extended bottoms (skirts) to nest in other sieves of the same diameter. Less frequently used are 12" diameter. Other sieves are occasionally specified and available to special order.

8" diameter sieves are available in either full height, 2" high above mesh, or half height, 1" above mesh. 12" diameter sieves are available in full height, 3.25" high above mesh; intermediate height, 2" above mesh, or half height which is 1.625" above mesh. The entire list of available sieves may be found under Sieve Catalog Numbers, related item 8B-12S.

Other sieve diameters are available but not stocked. These are 3", 4", 5", 6", 10" and 18". The 18" diameters are often called “riddles”. Please request prices.

Any Geotest U.S. standard sieve can be supplied, if requested at time of purchase, with a certificate of compliance. There is no additional cost. The certificate indicates that the sieve has been inspected with an optical compactor and that the openings and frame dimensions comply with ASTM E11.
Note: A convenient to use grain size software program is described under item SI-1300 in the grain size category.

International Test Sieves, ISO 565, 3310-1

International test sieves from Geotest have 200mm diameter brass frame and are manufactured to meet requirements of ISO standard 565. It should be noted that these sieves do not nest with U.S. standard 8" (203mm) diameter sieves and do not meet dimensional requirements of ASTM E11.

ISO sieves are available for our international customers and are available in all mesh sizes of woven wire cloth listed in series R20/3, R20, R40/3 and R10 of this standard. Mesh sizes offered range from 125mm to 20µm.

ISO sieves are not listed here, but are readily available and will be quoted by return FAX.

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